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So, You're Getting Married? Congratulations!


One of the most important parts of any bride’s day is what she will wear. Whether the dress is long or short, old or new, white or pastel, or maybe not even a dress at all, it should fit properly and make the bride feel fabulous. So, now that you have your dress, how do you get a custom fit?


Not all tailors and seamstresses are the same. Your wedding dress should be handled by a wedding gown specialist. Wedding dresses are made of very different materials and construction details than everyday clothing, and are designed to fit the wearer much differently than everyday clothing. Many modern wedding gowns even have corsets and support built right into the bodice, eliminating the need for specialized undergarments.


A bride should begin the fitting process at least six to eight weeks before the wedding date. This time frame allows for two or three fittings to be scheduled without rushing to find any trims or fabric that may be required for customizing.


Your chosen seamstress should be able to give you a clear idea of what needs to be done to your dress for a perfect fit and what the cost will be. If you would like any customized changes to the dress she should let you know whether or not it is possible based on the original design of the dress and her specific capabilities. She should be familiar with all aspects of proper gown fit and construction. She should clearly understand the custom details you may want to add, eliminate or change, and make you feel that she understands your vision and needs exactly. If you feel that you are not in capable hands, by all means, seek another professional. This is, after all, a most personal and precious investment.


Here at The Original Sewing Room you have a private dressing room and an intimate, one on one consultation with your fitting professional. With more than thirty years experience in the Bridal industry, we offer our clients unmatched quality and a truly unique personal experience.

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